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Discover Hops Aboard the Google Wallet Bandwagon

Illustration for article titled Discover Hops Aboard the Google Wallet Bandwagon

The achilles heel of Google Wallet thus far has been it's inability to forge patnerships. MasterCard and Sprint have been the company's only friends. But now Discover is also on board, which gets Google Wallet one step closer to being a thing normal people use. [Google via PhoneScoop via The Verge]


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So will it now actually charge my Discover card directly? When the new version came out a couple of weeks ago I added my Discover, but when I use it, the store charges some Google Master Card which then charges my Discover. Made it difficult to return something since the card on the receipt was the Master Card so I had to use my phone to do the return. My wife couldn't use her copy of the card. I don't know what would of happened if the customer service counter didn't have an NFC reader.