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Dish's Remote Control App Actually Makes TV Better

Illustration for article titled Dishs Remote Control App Actually Makes TV Better

Second screening is what executives like to call what you're doing with when you're looking at your phone in front of your TV. Dish Explorer is the closest anyone has come to making an app that actually enhances TV the experience with more content.


Explorer syncs with Dish's Hopper DVR, gives you information about what's on, and tells you what your friends on Facebook and Twitter are doing.


It's not just a guide to on-demand content. It does do that, but it also controls your Hopper via Wi-Fi, which is pretty damn convenient. And in addition to tapping you into what you friends are doing on social networks, it also tells you what shows they like and whether or not those shows are on. When you're at a loss for what to watch, you can get recommendations from their lists of likes.

And you know how when you're watching sports you always end up looking up stats on your phone or tablet? Well, this app has the stats in it. Love that.

The app hits the App Store of iPad tomorrow. It'll be available for the iPhone soonish, according to Dish. [Businesswire]

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I've been using Dish Network's iOS app for a while now and it does a fair amount of this already (minus the social integration, which is a plus to me) if you've got your receiver hooked up to your home network. Since the most recent update using the app to control my receiver is maybe 1/4 second slower than using the remote - which is handy when I'm in my bedroom where the reception from the RF Dish remote is spotty.