Disney Deleted Scenes From The 1950s Reveal A Very Different Maleficent

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Disney is releasing a new Blu-Ray version of the classic 1959 animated movie Sleeping Beauty—and with it a collection of recreated animatic sketches that show the many different versions of Disney's biggest and baddest villain, Maleficent.

The new collection (which will be available on Oct. 7th) has a ton of behind-the-scenes interviews and recreated sketches-turned-animatics so we can see the Sleeping Beauty that never was.

First up is this alternate Maleficent grand entrance and boy, does our girl look different. In fact, she looks a lot more like the long-rumored original model for Maleficent, actress Maila Nurmi. The speaking part would eventually go to Eleanor Audley (who would also don the famous Maleficent gown and act out scenes in real life to aid the illustrators). But for now, enjoy this very different Maleficent (video above).


The second deleted scene shows the curse evolving with the actual aid of Maleficent in disguise.

And then finally, there's this deleted scene that reveals a new character, a vulture. And according to USA Today he has a "New York accent," but he never made it past the sketching phase.