Disney's New CDVU+ Sounds Like Every Other Stupid Enhanced CD Format

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the reason CD sales suck is not the fact that there isn't enough crap loaded onto the disc. Enhanced CDs have been around for over a decade; hell, many of the first interactive CD-ROMs came from the record industry. Does anyone remember a single one? Apparently Disney doesn't, because this week its Hollywood Records label introduced the CDVU+ format. The who what?

Slated to debut with the August 7 release of an album by the undoubtedly wholesome teen punk band The Jonas Brothers, CDVU+ will include "digital magazine extras, song lyrics, band photos and other extras" says Reuters. (They said "extras" twice; they must like "extras.") Oh, and as a shoutout to the greenest teens, CDVU+ "replaces the traditional CD booklet and plastic jewel case with recyclable packaging." To access the content you don't need some fancy new CDVU+ player. No sir, you just need a computer.


You know what I hate? When marketing innovations are disguised as new technologies. I for one won't be buying any CDVU+ discs, thanks much. And unlike many people I respect, I actually buy music. [Reuters]

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