Disposable Camera Belt Perfect for Chris Hanson Wannabes

One of the quirkier DIY projects we've seen, the disposable camera belt is not a disposable belt for your camera, which is what I initially thought. No, it's a disposable camera strapped to a belt. But! That's a lot cooler than most of the "ironic" giant belt buckles assaulting my eyes lately—and hey, it's easily moddable. [Pop Sci]


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You have got to be kidding! This is just about the lamest thing ever. First off the podcast is 3/4 intro, outtro, and assorted filler, complete with stupid music.

And as for the project: really, do you want to be walking around with a disposable camera on your belt buckle? Really? Really really? Further you are required to have a big flat belt buckle and two leather straps that happen to be just the right length to strap it to your belt buckle.

Oh I'm sorry, did I ruin the show for you? That is all there is. Just strap the cam to your buckle and there your are.

What, is it a slow news day?