DIY Can Cooler Upgrade For Even Frostier Brew

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The CoolIT USB beverage chiller is certainly one of the more common gadgets of this type on the market, but it does have one major flaw. The fact that the bottom of the can is the only area that comes in contact with the cooling element can result in a drink that is less than thoroughly chilled.


Fortunately, there is a DIY solution available that will give your CoolIT device a much needed upgrade. All you need is a foam can cozy and a Genisys xs 3D rapid prototyping printer. Eh...there is probably a workaround for that second part—or you could simply buy an off-the-shelf version that could do the job. But where is the satisfaction in that? Hit the link for instructions. [Flickr via Make]


All I want is to make a RedBull dispenser for my car (kinda like that old Pimp My Ride episode) and a giant fountain of Hawaiian Punch (I'll settle for a standard hallway style water fountain of HP).

Yes, I'm wired a lot of the time on sugar and caffiene.