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The Peltier USB Can Cooler/Heater will make drinks frosty or toasty, and hold onto them as well. You would think this feature would come standard, but sadly very few are actually functional cup holders. We've seen precarious tray designs, a fridge mock-up (which, while it does technically hold your drink, doesn't provide the easy access a cup holder should), and some other interesting ideas, too. Despite looking like a big blob of plastic with an area for a cup punched into it, this one's cup-holding prowess gets the USB Can Cooler/Heater an easy thumbs-up.


According to its press guff, the USB Can Cooler/Heater will take your cans and bottles and cool them down by 18 or 20 degrees, or warm up their native temperatures by 20 to 22 degrees. The site doesn't specify whether that's Fahrenheit, but if that were Celsius it would be a miracle. No word on how long it takes for the drink to change 20 degrees in temperature, either. At 32 bucks, the gadget is a little more expensive than some units that can both heat and cool, but it's a small amount to pay for keeping your drinks upright next to your rig. [USB Geek]

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