Warm or Cool Drinks, Take Your Pick

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Drinking nothing at room temperature is part of being an American, and USB Geek makes it easy with the Peit Hein Drink Cooler and USB Mug Warmer. The drink cooler is a stainless steel ball with a "super-secret liquid core", and you put this shiny orb in the freezer for an hour and then it can chill down that cocktail really quickly. It's supposed to be able to keep that drink frosty for a lot longer than ordinary ice without watering down your drink. It's $29.99.

The USB mug warmer is a variation on similar items we've seen before, but now you can keep that bottomless cup o' Java toasty warm and use its two-port hub for two other weird USB attachments. It's $13.99.


We're thinking this drink cooler might be good for quickly cooling off some of our favorite American beers, killing off whatever weak taste remains without watering them down any further. We likes our beers watered down, and we're not restricting that preference to American beers, either—maybe that's why we like Sapporo Beer, too. Mmm, mm, that's some good drinkin'.

Peit Hein Drink Cooler, USB Mug Warmer/Hub [Think Geek]

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