DIY Denim iPhone or Gadget Case Always Keeps Your Device in Your Pants

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While jean-on-jean is an absolute fashion no-no, this do it yourself denim iPhone or gadget case won't only give you a bit of '90s nostalgia, but it is also relatively durable.

The guys over at provide step-by-step instructions on how to make an iPhone or gadget case out of your old pair of Levi's or Wranglers (the ladies out there may even want to recycle an dated designer pair). The ten step process seems simple enough—get a pair of jeans, cut the fabric, find a sewing machine (or someone who knows how to sew), and sew away.


You can even add buttons to keep your enclosed gadget more secure. The best parts of the how-to: the suggestion to get a thimble ("its like a little metal thing you put on your finger") and step 8 which requires you model the case. [Instructables]