DIY District 9 Arc Gun Looks Badass Until You Consider What It Represents

Sure, this homemade Arc gun from District 9 is pretty awesome looking. But if you want to look like a real badass, let's go through the progression of what people will think when they see you holding it.

1. Oh my, that man is holding a large weapon!

2. Ah, I see that it is a replica based on a movie.

3. That is some impressive attention to detail!

4. I wonder how long that took to make?

5. I bet he set in his basement for like 6 months with a tiny paintbrush and a magnifying glass and hasn't seen the sun in ages.


6. Let's go have sex with a guy in a band!

You've just gotta follow the process through to its logical conclusion, is all. [GadgetHim]


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