We're no stranger to force-feedback peripherals, but this mouse, developed by students at Leiden University, is a bit different than the traditional force-feedback mouse or controller. Here, I'll let them explain: it is a "haptic feedback provider between the computer and the user—it is aware of the user's mouse gestures and can either do nothing, attract the mouse to a new position, or it push away from its current position." Huh? I'm still trying to figure out the practical purpose behind this mouse, but nevertheless it is cool. Get some more details about how it works after the jump.

The FFM is a box on which the user can move around a specially equipped mouse. It has an Arduino i i/o board inside, which controls the servo-motors that position an electromagnet along the X and Y axis corresponding the mouse position. It also controls a relays board which sets the polarity of the electromagnet (which can be turned off, push or attract).



[Via Techeblog]

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