DIY G-Force Meter Turns Your Civic Into Top Gun

Perfect for Speed Racers and out-of-control Soyuz capsules, this DIY personal G-force meter attaches to your dashboard and enhances the driving experience when a mere speedometer won't do. The device measures acceleration/tilt on one axis and attaches to the windshield of your Porsche Honda Civic with a few suction cups. Three 7-Segment LED displays show instantaneous acceleration measurement to two decimal accuracy. Watch designer Chris build the meter in rhythm to techno music and pull a paltry 0.6 G's while braking after the jump.


Sorry, Chris. Hate to break it to you but the Russians have you beat. Their capsule pulled 10 G's reentering Earth's atmosphere the other day and they weren't even trying. Literally. [Pyroelectro via Neatorama]

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