DLO HomeDock Deluxe Solves iPod/TV Squinting Problem

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The great thing about the HomeDock Deluxe, which is also a problem that other iPod docks have, is that it can actually output a UI onto a TV screen that you can use to browse your iPod from the couch. Instead of going blind by squinting at your iPod from 10 feet away, you can now browse with the customizable navigation screen.

Other features? S-Video and RCA out, wireless remote, album art, screen saver (with album art), and a price of $149.99. Worth it just for the fact that you won't go blind finding the songs you want.

Product Page [DLO]

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My wife got this for me for Christmas (Amazon had it for $109.95), and the magic smoke came out that night. Mmmm, the smell of burnt circuitboard.

Also, for the 20 minutes it sorta-worked, the remote was painfully slow.

I gave up on TV-menu goodness. I bought the Monster iTV cable for $40, and it reaches my coffee table, if I need to change something.