DLO VentMount iPhone Car Holder is Practical, Convenient

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Using a car's AC vents to hold cellphones is an old idea. Using a car's AC vent to hold an iPhone so you can watch movies/Cover Flow your way through your music is a new idea. DLO's VentMount seems like an incredibly practical way to keep your iPhone/iPod Touch within short reach, especially in cars (like ours) that don't have a convenient cupholder location to shove it into. It's not mindblowing, but it's $24.99 we'd gladly spend for usability's sake. [DLO]


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Iron Man's Pants

I was just about to buy this and then I realized I would need to buy an new iPod Touch case that's easier to open first.

It doesn't look like that this holder will work if your iPhone or iPod Touch is in a case. The photos don't seem to suggest that. The fact that there is 1 version for iPhone and a 2nd version for iPod Touch seems to say that this is not adjustable.