Do Death Star Waffles Taste Better Than Regular Waffles? Of Course They Do

Remember when you blew $40 on a Darth Vader pancake maker last week, and then promised your family it would be the last single-use appliance you’d ever buy? It’s time to break that promise because nothing goes better with Vader pancakes than Death Star waffles.

ThinkGeek has found a way to pry yet another $40 from your wallet with this iron that quickly churns out seven-inch waffles featuring an intricate Death Star design on either side. Those trenches are the perfect place to soak up maple syrup.


The Star Wars nerd inside us can’t help but point out that the real Death Star didn’t have a superlaser focus lens on both sides of the space station, and that the Empire would have obviously been more into french toast. But the last thing we’d want is for ThinkGeek to pull this from their site, so we’re happy to overlook those glaring errors. [ThinkGeek]

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