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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Do People Love Google+ Or Just Really Hate Facebook?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The annual American Consumer Satisfaction Index has been posted, and there's some shocking data about our feelings towards online services. People are remarkably satisfied with Google+. They're way more satisfied with Google+ than with Facebook. And Facebook is slipping.

The ACSI is an annual survey of about 80,000 Americans, which asks them to rate how happy they are with a wide swath of goods and services on scale of 0-100. There's a lot of numbers in this study, but the most interesting pertain to "Internet Social Media." Google+, which launched just last year, entered the chart with the resoundingly high score of 78—it owned the top spot alongside Wikipedia. That says a lot. Who doesn't love Wikipedia? It's freaking free information.

As for Facebook, well, it seems all of those privacy debacles have caught up with The Social Network® because it scored a meager sixty-one. That's not way below social media's overall score of 69, it's the lowest of all of the social media services measured this year. And it's down from its rating of 66 last year. Bummer, Zuckerberg, bummer.


So do we hate social media? Does it makes us miserable? There's plenty of evidence to suggest so! Social media scores below "Internet News & Information" (73) and "Internet Portals & Search Engines" (79). Of course, this is just one study, and there could be a lot of factors that could skew the results. You've really gotta love Google+ to use it, whereas using Facebook is basically a social obligation.

Plus, some of these numbers are just weird. Maybe it makes sense that people really really like Google (82). But scored an eighty-four. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? [ACSI via Wired]