Do We Really Need Another Mission Impossible, Even With J.J. Abrams?

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Tom Cruise has sought out geek guru J.J. Abrams for yet another Mission Impossible movie, because if that doesn't make Cruise appealing again, all hope may be lost. But let's ask ourselves this, do we really want another M.I.?

According to TV Guide, Cruise and Abrams are teaming up again, to bring us Mission Impossible IV. J.J. is coming on as the producer this time, not the director.


But I have to ask is there really need for another Mission Impossible? Don't you feel like after the last movie you could say, "Okay, Philip Seymour Hoffman upped the bar on bad guys a bit. That was interesting. All right, I'm good with M.I. movies now." Can they possibly bring anything new to the M.I. franchise, when it relies so heavily on latex masks and overly complicated missions? I feel like the new James Bond (the good one not Quantum of So Boring) has us covered on sexy secret spies and can trick the best of them, without the need of a fake nose.

I just don't think I can sign on for another "let's let the bad guy and steal the magic potion virus, so we can follow their moves, infiltrate the system, kill ourselves and then get shocked back to life with these here batteries" romp. Okay, the last part is kind of cool. Maybe I'm burnt out on Cruise or the wealth of mindless action we've been handed lately, paraded as something more (still bitter about Terminator). I just can't get excited for the same pairing, the same action, and the same fancy new CG effects, which will ultimately look like everything else that is currently popular, for the same face and mask body switcheroos or even for the same old Ethan.


BUT the one positive thing about this news is that it gives me an excuse to post this clip.

[via Spoiler TV]