Do You Economize in Order to Afford Technology?

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A new CNBC All-America Economic Survey reveals that approximately half of Americans have reined in their spending on travel, food and health care to be able to afford new technology. How much do you scrimp and save for gadgets?

The survey found that 49 percent of those questioned have cut back in order to purchase the shiny slabs of metal and glass that they lust after. About 30 percent of people cut pack on recreation, like eating out or going to the moves; 20 percent buy less clothing; 11 cut back on groceries; and 10 percent take a chance by saving on health care.

Does that sound familiar? How much do you cut back in other areas of you life to afford technology? And... is it worth it? [CNBC via Re/code]


Image by Ben K Adams under Creative Commons license

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This is irresponsible. It also deprives the person of actually having a life.

This is why we need virtual reality, so we can have expensive technology to help us pretend to live life.