Do You Ever Order Stuff on the Internet and Forget?

This colorful tiny shirt that will impress a lot of cool tenth graders came for me in the mail today, and I had totally forgotten about it until now. Surprise! Am I alone here, or does anyone else order random things online and erase them from your memory until they arrive?

We're not talking about drunk ordering—that's a whole different ballgame. This is more following your whims when you're stone cold sober. Maybe you're cruising Svpply or RueLaLa or a really enticing Gilt sale, and for some reason an antique lawn gnome tickles your fancy. You buy it and promptly develop online shopping amnesia. Then a few weeks later, when your purchase arrives, it's some kind of weird Christmas that sneaked up on you. Ever been in that boat? And if so, what's the weirdest purchase you ever surprised yourself with?


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