Do You Lock Your Phone?

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Confession time: I don't lock my phone. No password or key, no swipe pattern, no fingerprint scan. Nothing. It's really stupid and I will probably regret it someday.

Mainly I don't put a lock on because I check my phone a lot/too much. If I had to do a thing, even a quick thing, in order to interact with my phone it would add up. I think most people would say that the investment of time is worth it for the protection, but I guess I just haven't lost enough phones to really feel it (I left a Samsung flip phone on a bus in 2007, that's it). I want to change, but I'm afraid I'll only get the motivation from being screwed over sometime. Do you take locking as a given? Can you share a horror story to give me a kick in the pants? Or do you trust the universe? Unlock your thoughts below.