Do You Love Your Kids Enough To Buy Them a $45,000 Gold-Plated Toy Car?

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Some parents spoil their kids rotten, and then there are those parents that are willing to spend north of $45,000 on an electric roadster that isn't actually street-legal, but does come with a fancy gold-plated finish. That's the story behind this obscene toy available from Selfridges' Oxford Street store in London, England.

Made by a company called Atom Model Cars with an impossibly broken website, this kid-sized roadster is a near perfect two-thirds scale replica of an Aston Martin. But instead of a V8 or similarly-capable engine on the hood, it runs on electric motors with a battery good for 48 hours and a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

To help further justify the price tag and subsequent sticker shock, Atom Model Cars uses actual Nappa leather for the miniature car's interior, LED lighting throughout, and the option to customize both the licence plate and the luxurious stitching used on the upholstery. And since kids never spill or climb over anything with sticky hands, there's no reason not to use the finest materials for a vehicle only they can really fit into. [Atom Model Cars via Damn Geeky]


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