Do You Sext?

Sexting is on the rise, replacing phone sex and even video sex. It's fast, it's easy, and you can do it anywhere. It's getting to the point in which there are even specific iPhone applications for it. Do you sext?

And if the answer is yes, do you sext—send naked pictures of yourself or receive them from other people—often? Or did you just sext once? Perhaps you prefer other remote sex practices, like video sex? Sex chat? Maybe classic phone sex? What about beeper sex?


Here's my answer: I started having phone sex when I was 16. Yes, my then-girlfriend-later-wife-laterer-ex-wife and I were very precocious, and we didn't have enough with sneaking to dark corners to do very naughty things in high school. Then we moved into email sex, then chat sex. Phone sex was my favorite, however, and I only tried video sex a couple of times, much later, when the technology was good enough (good as in "Macs with cameras built in and iChat AV"). The last time I tried video sex it definitely won over my phone sex experiences. Sext, on the other side, has never been very exciting. Exciting, yes, but more like a preamble of the real thing.

Whatever your favorite remote sex practice is, don't watch this video first or you will lost all your sexual appettite. Or maybe you will get it. It can go either way, really.

Write your answers in the comments. [Video via Obsolete]


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Does Chexting count? I've been known to sext via facebook Chat.