One Third of People Send Naked Pictures of Themselves Using Cellphones—What About You?

Here's some data to think about before sending that next picture of yourself neekeed (aka sexting): 17% of the recipients forward the image to someone else. But how many people have actually sexted?

A third of young adults have sexted at least once in their lives. Almost half of those saw it as a normal sex practice, while the rest thought it was a "serious problem" but did it anyway. You know, because if you do these things, you will eventually go blind and get pimples.


The data came from MTV's latest sexting survey. And that begs the question for our Gizmodo readers is: Have you sexted*?

I will start: Yes.

* Sexting: Sending pictures showing your naughty bits to other people. [Cellular News via Intomobile]


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