Do You Still Have an Unlimited Data Plan?

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Over the weekend, Verizon, which famously executed unlimited data plans last year, had a software glitch that allowed customers to upgrade their phone and keep their grandfathered unlimited data plans. Most of us probably didn't take advantage. Which means you'll have to shell out full, unsubsidized prices for your next phone to stay unlimited on Big Red. And since the iPhone 5S just came out, we're wondering what you folks did. Did you pay up to keep your unlimited data plans or did you hand over that bountiful perk back to Verizon?


In fact, how many of you guys still have unlimited data plans? Or maybe you never did? if you did, do you miss it? If you didn't, do you pine for it? Do you even come close to hitting your data cap?

Unlimited data plans are a dying breed (unless you're currently committed to Sprint and sorta T-Mobile) and for some folks like me (grandfathered on AT&T), we're going to hold onto them for as long as we can. Will you?



I still have my unlimited plan through AT&T. Well.. if you want to call it unlimited since it's throttled to near uselessness after 3 gigs 6 months after my last renewal. Assholes.