Boxee, makers of fine open-source media center software, apparently couldn't go anywhere at CES without someone asking them to build a set-top-box. Now they're asking you if they should go through with the plan.

They've posted a survey on their blog to test the waters. They say that getting Boxee embedded on a specialized Apple-TV-like box will take "a long time" but it sounds like they're certainly considering it. As of now, Boxee's revenue model is pretty non-existant.


Right now, you can only use Boxee on a computer (which you can of course hook up to your TV), or on an Apple TV (if you haven't played with Boxee on Apple TV, hit up our guide this instant. It's awesome). I personally would love to see a Boxee box, as it pipes in just about every streaming video service one could think of wanting (Hulu, Netflix, etc) while it serves up your downloaded and ripped video very competently with no restrictions. [Boxee Blog]