Doctor Who DVD extras: Moffat explains the new Daleks, Smith sings the theme tune!

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Check out three exclusive clips from the special features on the upcoming Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series DVD box set. Matt Smith sings the Doctor Who theme tune, and it turns out those redesigned Daleks have many secret weapons.

So the clip above is the gag reel, featuring what really happens when the Doctor decides this won't be big on dignity, plus a flustered Silurian and a malfunctioning sonic screwdriver.

And here's the bit from the special features where Steven Moffat explains how those campy-but-awesome 1960s movies starring Peter Cushing inspired the bigger, chunkier, more colorful new Daleks. And we get a better explanation of the Swiss Army Knife aspect of the chunk-style Daleks — it turns out they can substitute tons of different weapons for the traditional "egg whisk" ray gun:

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series comes out on November 9th on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Special features include:

• Meanwhile in the Tardis - Newly filmed scenes written by Steven Moffat, exclusive to DVD and Blu-ray, telling what happens between the episodes
• Doctor Who Confidential - An inside look at each episode
• Monster Files - Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor's most challenging opponents
• In-Vision Commentaries
• Outtakes
• Video Diaries


And here's one more clip from those special features, where Karen Gillan talks about Amy's encounter with a Cyber-head: