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Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Is Bringing the Doctor's Time-Twisting Adventures to Game Consoles

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
From The Edge of Reality.
From The Edge of Reality.
Image: Maze Theory

A new Doctor Who video game? On consoles? You have our attention.

As revealed at New York Comic-Con 2020, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth are teaming up for Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, a new game based on an expanded version of The Edge of Time, a VR game released last year by developer Maze Theory. As reported by Eurogamer, The Edge of Reality will build on the foundation of The Edge of Time and bring its adventure to a broad console audience, with releases planned on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In a short teaser, we see a suite of the Doctor’s old enemies as well as the reveal of David Tennant, whose appearance is entirely new to this re-visioned version of the game. It doesn’t look like the fanciest video game in the world, but it’s the Doctor on your Nintendo Switch. If nothing else, that’s exciting to see.

Plus, it’s not the only Doctor Who game we’re getting! Kaigan Games is also developing The Lonely Assassins, a found-phone game (like that Mr. Robot game from a few years back) inspired by “Blink”, everyone’s favorite Doctor Who episode to avoid watching because it’s honestly really scary and we don’t need that energy in our lives. It’ll feature, among more information about the Weeping Angels, an appearance from Petronella Osgood, as played by Ingrid Oliver.

The Lonely Assassins is coming to iOS and Android. Both Doctor Who games are slated for release sometime in the spring of next year.


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