Doctor Who Is Finally Getting Its First Female Writer In 7 Years

Doctor Who's been bringing in a lot of new writers in the past couple years, with some excellent results (notably Jamie Matheson and Neil Cross). But as Neil Gaiman recently pointed out, the show hasn't had any female writers since 2008. Luckily, it looks like Torchwood veteran Catherine Tregenna is writing for season nine.


This is excellent news in general, and not just because Doctor Who has struggled with creating three-dimensional female characters over the past seven years. Tregenna wrote four of the best episodes of Torchwood, including one which garnered a Hugo nomination. She's also written for a number of other British TV series, and is also an acclaimed playwright. So she's more than qualified to write for Who, and here's hoping her episode lives up the quality level of "Captain Jack Harkness" and the disturbing, freaky "Meat." [Cultbox via The Nerdist]

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