Welcome to this week’s Reading List, your Sunday guide to some of the most interesting science and technology stories on the internet this week. This week, we’ll examine a potentially deadly medical procedure, ponder the inner workings of social networks, and more.

  • Morcellation is a less invasive way to remove fibroids and other growths through laparoscopic surgergy - but if it’s used on a growth that turns out to be a tumor, it could spread cancer through the body. Two doctors say it’s not worth the risk. [Maisonnneuve]
  • One relatively simple fix stopped Instagram from crashing every time a celebrity like Justin Bieber posts a new picture, but storing and accessing the data that runs a social network is still a challenge. [Wired]
  • One family’s personal tragedy highlights the urgency of addressing Airbnb’s safety issues. [Medium]
  • A geographic information systems startup is helping Detroit residents and officials make sense of the city’s land use, fight urban blight, and keep residents in their homes after a foreclosure. [Next City]

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