The Moken people in Southeast Asia are known as "Sea Gypsies" because they're a nomadic group of people whose life revolves completely around the ocean. This documentary gives you a glimpse of their life, like how a man can't propose to a woman unless he can make a boat or how love is found in the middle of the sea.


The documentary, I Met My Husband in the Middle of the Sea, was filmed by Olivia Wyatt for Jungles in Paris. Oh, it's a little NSFW.

For the Moken people of Southeast Asia, the sea provides nearly everything a person might need. It offers food to eat, a comfortable place to live (assuming one owns the appropriate vessel), and, sometimes, love.

Members of this ocean-faring ethnic group – often called "Sea Gypsies" – roam the Andaman Sea off the coasts of Thailand and Myanmar. The Moken travel on small, handcrafted wooden boats called kabangs, from which they skillfully procure fresh meals of fish, scallops, and clams, using nothing more complicated than a simple spear and a remarkable ability to hold their breath.


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