Does a Storm's Gender Impacts Willingness to Evacuate?

As if naming hurricanes weren't already complicated enough, a new study suggests that the gender of a storm's name may impact if people are willing to evacuate. Except, it's probably not that simple. Read on for a paper-summary, then head over here for a critical analysis of the research's limitations.

Tl;dr? Statistics are complicated to do properly, and disasters are thankfully rare enough that it's hard to separate out all the confounding factors. The names might influence responsiveness to evacuation orders, but so do a whole lot of other things, name-related and otherwise.

The sociology of getting evacuation orders to be obeyed is complicated — single mothers are more likely to obey a female voice; First Nations groups may need to hear from their Chief before they'll leave; the elderly are less likely to obey a youthful Emergency Manager; the list goes on and on with a lot of tenuous connections.


Or, get that summarized with a hilariously-grumpy graphic here.

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