Does This Geometric Church Look Like A Stegosaurus Doing Yoga?

The aptly-named 100 Walls Church in Cebu, Philippines, is like an architectural Rorschach test: From far away, it looks like shards of shale rock rearranged by an extreme rationalist. Up close, it's something closer to an oversized geometric maze. CAZA Architects, who designed the building, describe it on their site as "a Stegosaurus doing yoga." Namaste.


Forgoing the ol' the-higher-the-spire, the-closer-to-Christ theory that guided so many places of worship in the distant past. This site seems instead to engage curious souls willing to search for their faith (and the front door); finding your way through the facade and deep into the labyrinth is a journey unto itself.


For the believers out there, how much do you feel your surroundings impact your ability to get in the zone, spiritually? [ArchDaily]

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