Dog-Gone GPS Locator: RoamEO Keeps Track of That Roving Beast

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Numerous GPS devices have been released for dogs, and here's the next one, called RoamEO, letting you find that little lost sheep when he's gone astray. This is a fairly simple-looking device, which shows you location, heading and speed, showing you its helpful info on a color LCD screen. You can set it to sound an alarm if your doggie goes outside a certain defined perimeter, and it can track up to three pets at the same time as long as they're within a mile of the receiver.

This isn't the first dog GPS we've seen; we told you about one way back in 2003, the Secom GPS from Japan, and recently we pointed out the Global Pet Finder, a $349 device. These things have even gone pro, with the GPS Pro (what, a professional dog?). But none are as expensive as this RoamEO, depleting your finances by $459, and another $149 for each additional collar. Ships next month.


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