Illustration for article titled Dogpile on Apple: New Lawsuit Adds Hairline Cracks to List of iPhone 3G Problems

New Yorker Avi Koschitzki has tossed his own lawsuit in with the rising pile, accusing Apple and AT&T of the usual crimes (lousy 3G reception and speed, lackluster software updates) as well as a newbie: hairline cracks in the iPhone 3G's casing. We've reported on it before, but this is the first time it's showing up in a suit. Koschitzki alleges that many of the hairline cracks are visible on unopened, unused iPhones, and that Apple willingly and knowingly sold iPhones with the unsightly lines. I'd think cosmetic damage before use would be grounds for a return, and I can't say I approve of the proliferation of this kind of lawsuit, but if Apple is sending out cracked iPhones, they've gotta step up and be more careful. [AppleInsider]


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