Illustration for article titled emDogtooth/em: A Crazy, Disturbing, But Incredible Trip

Man, I don't even know where to start with this movie. Released in 2009, Dogtooth is a Greek film, so get ready for subtitles, but there's so, so much more you also need to prepare yourself for.


The basic premise is that a mother and a father live with their grown children, two girls and a boy, in an isolated compound. Over the years, the parents have taught their kids all these inexplicably bizarre falsehoods, like that planes flying overhead are actually toys, or that their unseen (probably non-existent) brother just beyond the compound walls was mauled to death by a cat, and that in order to fend it off, they need to get on all fours and bark like dogs. At one point, the father brings home a blindfolded female coworker, for sexual purposes, and then things just get weirder from there.

The plot is one thing (i.e. insane) but the really compelling—and equally disturbing— thing about this movie is the atmosphere. For this one family, the whole world is upside down and you never know why. Things just keep rolling inevitably, terrifyingly forward, governed by this seemingly random, nefarious logic. It's an emotional exercise just to get through, but its hard to look away. You've probably never seen anything quite like it. If you're up for experience (I think I've adequately warned you) you can watch it on Netflix Instant. And then you can sit there and wonder what the hell just happened. [Netflix]

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