DOJ and FTC Are Investigating Apple's iOS Subscription Policies

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The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are a little bit curious what Apple is up to after they introduced their new subscription policy for iOS apps built around magazines and streaming media services. Companies have been accusing Apple of antitrust violations, but the Cupertino company isn't panicking yet: it's just a preliminary investigation for now. [WSJ]




Oh man I hope this goes somewhere and FTC lays the smack-down on Apple's self-centered lil world. How is it legal to sell a phone that has such high market-share and have such outlandish profit sharing model? 70-30 and all Apple does is reject apps they don't like and host the app. It's like if back in the PC days when Microsoft was king of the Computer world if Microsoft would have turned to their software developers and said you have to pay us 30% for your software to be Windows compatible. Smartphones are meddling in the same territory of ubiquity and a closed iOS environment has gotta be kept in check. Apple is just being a huuuuuge lil prick here.