Dollhouse Production Shuts Down For 2 Weeks

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No, Fox hasn't pulled a mulligan on Joss Whedon's new mind wiping series about ladies who can be programed to be anyone their clients desire, but the almighty writer, producer and director has halted all work on his series for two weeks. Why, so he can focus on what he does best writing. So deep breaths everyone our boy is just taking time to make sure that this new show has the Whedon seal of approval.According to Zap 2 It Whedon asked Fox for some additional time to work with the writer. He had been so busy directing he hadn't had the time to get in there and make everything all shiny. Since the show is on schedule Fox was more than happy to give it to him. According to a Fox rep:

"We have every confidence that [the extra time] will allow Joss to make the show the best it can possibly be. It's very rare that you have a head writer who is also directing two episodes in a row. But we are happy that Joss is directing, because this is his vision."


I'm actually really happy to see Fox give Whedon whatever he needs. Time, money, elephants whatever that clever man needs give it to him. Still I'm slightly concerned over the massive amount of futzing that's taking place in Dollhouse land. First there were the reshoots because of "tonal problems" now this, but maybe I'm just super nervous as I don't want Fox to pull a Firefly on Whedon. So no worries people, as of right nowDollhouse is still sticking to its original air date in January of 2009. [Zap 2 It]



I'm going to watch the pilot and when I do I'm going to throw a baseball as hard as I can into the sky. By the time it lands, this will have been canceled.