Domino’s Super Bowl Stunt Lets You Yell at Alexa to Order Pizza

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Amazon Echo’s added a lot of neat abilities since its launch in 2014, but this just might be the laziest of them all: Alexa can now order pizza. Mmm, delicious technological progress.


As part of an Amazon-Domino’s PR schtick for this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Alexa’s been outfitted to personally order pizza for you when asked. In order to get this pizza pie update, Echo owners have to root around the Alexa app and add the Dominos skill by linking their account with Domino’s. Once you enter the phone number associated with the order, Alexa will even provide updates using Domino’s pizza tracker.

It seems like a lot of personal information to cough up for acquiring some convenient pizza, but then again, a voice assistant gizmo carrying out your pizza-wanting demands is basically the future we’ve always been promised. Amazon and Domino’s doesn’t explicitly say when the update will be available only that it’ll be in time for the Big Game. Look for it in the Alexa app soon.

Considering some enterprising individuals have gone as far as to hack previous Amazon products to do their pizza bidding, the demand seems to be there. People have even found a way to order pizza with Alexa before, enlisting the help of a clever IFTTT recipe.

Hopefully, Alexa’s food ordering abilities will only grow from here and not die off as just another Super Bowl stunt.

Image: Andrew Liszewski


The Super Bowl is neither super nor a bowl. Discuss.