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American Hero Hacks Amazon Dash Button to Order Pizza

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Amazon Dash buttons are equal parts amazing technology and useless gimmick. A single button that will deliver specific products to your doorstep is like shopping in the Jetsons’ era. But it would be even better if that product was hot, cheesy pizza, as one hacker imagined.

Brody Berson recently reprogrammed an Amazon Dash button so that it would place his favorite order at Domino’s with one press: Pizza Dash! Inspired by another developer who hacked a Dash button to track his baby’s poops, Berson found the Domino’s API and combined some code code so that pushing the Dash button would send his order directly to his local pizza joint. As he shows in a video, the pizza arrives at his door about 30 minutes later.

Depending on your own hacking abilities, you can create your own Pizza Dash button. Berson put all the code on GitHub and says it only takes about 10 minutes to reprogram a dash button. (We haven’t tried it ourselves but trust that this goofy developer isn’t lying.) If you think about it, this code could let you make an Amazon Dash button do all kinds of things by interacting with APIs. How about a button to hail a taxi? Or a button to beckon a repairman? Or a button to—

You see the point. Now go forth and make buttons!

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Image via GitHub

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