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Domino's new online pizza tracking system will allow hungry customers to keep tabs on their pizza from the moment they place the order up until the moment it leaves the store—and it is accurate to 40 seconds.


The service even gives customers the first names of the workers who take their phone order and deliver their pizza, so slackers will have to shape up or ship out. Unfortunately, the tracker stops short of keeping tabs on the drivers when they are in route, so the time it takes for their beater car to sputter to your door may still be tense for impatient pizza lovers.

Interestingly enough, part of the ordering process involves an oath that asks you to "agree to use the Domino's Pizza Tracker to only track your own Domino's Pizza orders." So apparently it is possible to engage is some sort of shady pizza fraud scheme. At any rate, the system will go up today at 3,400 Domino's outlets and will be in all stores by June 30. The only question is, will the novelty of being able to know when your order is put in to the oven, boxed, and shipped be enough to get you to choke down one of their god-awful pizzas? [USAToday via Consumerist]

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