Don't Be Alarmed: NYC Sprint Ads Featuring Gizmodo Are Not Sign of a Corporate Takeover

One day, Sprint asked us if they could quote us from our big multi-city 3G performance test, and I said, "hmmokay." To my surprise, the ads are kind of everywhere in NYC.


The big papers, the airports, even Times Square. First off, I want to let you, the beautiful readers, know there was no pay involved for the quote. And that's that. But I'm also not going to pretend that I'm not a little surprised that our test is referred here as the authoritative piece on 3G data testing in the US. Never thought I'd see the day where Giz was mentioned so prominently on a big ad, since we're not always known for playing by the rules or playing well with industry. I guess we get to eat our cake and have it, too, in this case.

More than just surprised, I think my Gawker overlords are pleased we haven't burned all the bridges in all the gadget world. And so they're offering a $300 JetBlue gift certificate for the best glossy photo of the ad in public. (Send here, contest rules here.) Please, leave your nude self out of the photos. Unless you are very attractive.

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