Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES

CES has no shortage of displays. And when MAKE offered us some TV-B-Gone clickers to bring to the show, we pretty much couldn't help ourselves. We shut off a TV. And then another. And then a wall of TVs. And we just couldn't stop. (And Panasonic, you're so lucky that 150-incher didn't have an active IR port.) It was too much fun, but watching this video, we realize it probably made some people's jobs harder, and I don't agree with that (Especially Motorola). We're sorry. [Thanks to Phil Torrone for the gear, video, editing and mischief by Richard Blakeley]


Freaking prescient. Authentication and security actually is important.

Of course, I’ve been a demo bunny in my time. When I was demoing some crazed graphic app that I helped to port to the new machine the night before and the machine crashed the next day on the floor, I cane up with things like “oh, and this is what a boot demo looks like. It’s storing the problem so you or we can figure out what went wrong. Let’s give a minute and then we’ll continue.”

I was a good booth bunny. But I was never as good as Bill Joy. He was at a major talk when the first slide was the last slide in the talk. He looked at it, and proceeded to natter on through the whole talk, relating it to that last slide as he went, stabbing the last slide concept perfectly into the audience. A demo fail, excellently executed.