Don't Believe the Ridiculous Avengers 4 Rumors Floating Around Right Now

T’Challa, bracing himself for another round of fake Avengers 4 rumors.
T’Challa, bracing himself for another round of fake Avengers 4 rumors.
Image: Marvel Studios

Disney was at this week’s CineEurope film trade show in Barcelona, Spain, to advertise its upcoming movies to exhibitors. The internet has mostly been concerned with what the studio purportedly showed for Avengers 4... to the point that there’s some pretty wild and hilariously fake “reports” hitting the web.


These rumors are primarily due to unspecific reports that came out after Disney’s CineEurope presentation, which stated that “glimpses” of Avengers 4 had been shown alongside previews of Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4, Ant-Man and The Wasp, and other upcoming films. Just the mere mention of the possibility of footage sent a momentous quiver of anticipation across the internet... which, of course, inevitably transformed into rumors about just what was shown there.

Given who you’ve chosen to read over the past couple of days, it could’ve been a whole bunch of things—from a scene between Ant-Man and Iron Man discussing hopping between realities to collect Infinity Stones, to reports of confirmations of that recent alleged costume update for the Hulk and other members of Earth’s mightiest heroes, to even that the presentation revealed the film would be called Avengers: Fallen Heroes. I mean, just look at this highly convincing blurry picture of part of a title!

I’m convinced. Aren’t you convinced? Or at least, convinced of the fact that we’re all so desperate for something, anything about Avengers 4 that could satiate our desire to see our most burning questions about the climax of Infinity War answered, that we’ve all gone a teeny bit bonkers at the tiniest whiff of potential footage?

Well, let’s burst the already riddled-with-holes bubble here: there was no Avengers 4 footage shown at CineEurope.

Instead, according to MCU Cosmic, a behind-the-scenes video with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was played for the audience in which Feige apologized that the bloodbath of Infinity War had left them with so few superheroes to advertise with ahead of the (still-untitled) next Avengers film. And that was pretty much it. When reached by io9, a Disney representative confirmed the accuracy of MCU Cosmic’s report.


So, there you have it. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what’s in store for Avengers 4, ahead of its release in May 2019. For now... just take everything you see out there about it with a heaping pinch of salt.

James is a News Editor at io9, where you can find him delivering your morning spoilers, writing about superheroes, and having many feelings about Star Wars. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!



This whole thing is a CONSPIRACY, I can SMELL IT. They DID show footage at CineEUROPE and it DID show the TRUE NAME of the FILM, a TRUE NAME which will complete the MAGIC RITUAL that Disney executives have been casting for DECADES on us, that will TRAP US forever in their WEB OF LIES. This is why they bought MARVEL and STAR WARS — they are making us their MOVIE SLAVES.