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Don't Misplace Your iPhone or Your Wife Will Get Knocked Up

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

CNN is running a series on smartphones, and the profound effects they've had on ordinary Americans. Such as Arkansas resident Doug Wilson, who uses his iPhone 4 for everything. Including, indirectly, getting someone pregnant. I need this app. Now.

You see, in addition to snapping pics of crazy hairstyles around town and using the phone's LED flash to guide his dog around snakes during evening walks, Wilson and his wife use a rhythm method app that (allegedly) keeps their sex life (relatively) pregnancy-free. Except when Doug lost his iPhone, and was unable to consult this apparently crucial app before one amorous evening, resulting in a baby on the way. How... sweet? It'll be a heartwarming moment when the kid reads a cached copy of this article someday. [CNN via The Awl]


Photo by J.K. Califf