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Doughnut-Shaped USB Drive Reminds You It's Time for Lunch

Illustration for article titled Doughnut-Shaped USB Drive Reminds You Its Time for Lunch

What is it about doughnuts? We love 'em. This one's a USB drive, and it looks so scrumptiously delicious with its shiny chocolate glaze, you might have a hard time not taking a bite out of it. It's made by Redismo, a Chinese company whose creations you may have seen before, such as a miniature hamburger-shaped USB drive, or one that looks like a tiny loaf of bread. We'll give you a sneak preview: Coming up for November, the company has USB drives shaped like whiskey bottles, safety helmets, bowling pins and light bulbs. But for now, you can get this USB drive for just $3.63, that is, if you buy 500 of them. Right now, we feel like we could eat 500 of them. [Valvalo, via Technabob]


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I dunno about your corner of the world, but over here doughnuts remind us of breakfast. But then I am well past my college years.... *shrug*