Download Mozilla's Open Source Furniture to Kit Out Your Home

If you're struggling to find the right furniture for your place, consider making your own—from Mozilla's very own pool of open source designs.

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The company just opened a new office in Japan, and teamed up with design company Nosigner to develop a range of "open-source furniture" for the place. The whole set-up was created using freely available products so that people around the world can recreate the design wherever they are.

So, the cable-friendly flooring uses plastic palettes covered with wood panelling to facilitate power and network connections underfoot, while separators around the office are made from thin polycarbonate panels so they can be easily moved . The chairs, for what it's worth, don't seem to be custom designed. Still, it's a neat idea—and one that we'd love to see adopted more widely.


If you're keen to replicate any of Mozilla's furniture, you can download schematics of the furniture on the OS Furnitures website. [Mozilla via Spoon & Tomago via Verge]

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Eames chairs are not going to become open source for a long time.