Dragon I iPod Dock: Hot.

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Just when we were sick of iPod docks, Smart Design releases the Dragon I.

So what makes the design a "dragon"? We'll put it to our Gizmodo dragon test we've just been dying to try out.

1. Breathes Fire - NO
2. Has Some Red on It - YES
3. Coated in Scales - NO
4. Allows Mark to Ride It - MAYBE
5. Allows Jason to Stick It in Pants - OBLIGATORY

While this may or may not be an actual dragon, we know that the 4x5W speakers will just leave us wanting more. And we don't have the U2 iPod or the urge to drop $332 anyway.


Smart Design Dragon I [via technabob]

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Gizmodo thinks is "hot"? $332 for the iPod accessory equivalent of a bendable Gumby toy? You've got to be kidding me, Gizmodo.

Execute me if you want, but this is the fugliest, most idiotic iPod product that I've seen in a while, and the $332 price tag adds insult to injury.

With crappy novelty devices like this overpriced turd coming out every 15 seconds, no wonder we're all "sick of iPod docks".