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Arcade-style fight sticks are seriously in vogue, and now arcade cabinet maker Dream Arcades is releasing a wireless fight stick of their own for the Xbox 360.

Housed in an MDF body (sturdier than particle board), Dream Arcades' controller one-ups Mad Catz' sticks in that it can connect to an Xbox 360 from 35 feet away—we're assuming through a USB dongle—plus it should feel more like an arcade cabinet simply due to its build materials. The company uses unspecified but "real" arcade components and overlays, plus they allow for custom button configurations, which is pretty handy.


I know I know, a lot of you will start bitching about wireless issues with lag. But really, you aren't that good and you play online anyway.

Slated for release in 5-7 weeks, we don't yet know a price, but we're expecting it to be around $150 with pre-orderers getting some sort of a discount. We'll let you know when Dream Arcades actually begins taking those pre-orders. [Dream Arcades]

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