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DRM'd DVD Player for Award Screeners Annoyed Voters, Gets Axed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apparently DRM isn't just annoying to us plebes—it aggravates better, tanner-than-us Hollywood types when they have to deal with it too. Surprise, right?

As you pirating assholes know, DVD screeners sent to Oscar voters is a nice source of ones littered on BitTorrent. A lot of 'em are watermarked to curb leaks, but a more pro-active measure started in 2004 is encrypted disks that only play on the S-View DVD player made by Cinea. But lugging it around during the holidays—prime screener season—is a totally unrighteous pain in the ass, so the program has been killed this year. But it worked so well to keep screeners off the internet! Oh wait. [Torrentfreak]