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Droid 2 Launching With Android 2.2 on August 23rd?

Illustration for article titled Droid 2 Launching With Android 2.2 on August 23rd?

According to the folks over at Android and Me, the surprisingly Droid-like Droid 2 will launch on August 23rd. The reason for the wait? So it can be the first phone shipping with Android 2.2 out of the box.


While Droid X will be launching more than a month earlier (July 15th) with Android 2.1, it seems like Motorola wants Droid 2 to have Froyo from the get-go. Which is smart! It's harder to sell a phone on the promise of an operating system upgrade than it is one that's fully formed. Then again, Android 2.2's expected to hit Droid in July anyway, then Droid X sometime in August.


Droid 2 is also expected to retail for $199 with contract, which is pretty much standard these days for a top of the line cellphone. [Android and Me via Engadget]

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